The Evolution of Technology (TEC154 2004S)

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Stewardship: Leading Discussion

Summary: Each stewardship team will be responsible for leading at least one discussion session on a topic. This document is intended to help you think about how you might organize that session and what your goals should be for the session.

Purposes (of assignment):

Primary Goal (of discussion): The discussion should help the class think about the technology in terms of our previous study of technology. It should also help the class think about how the study of the new technology affects previous conclusions the class might have reached.

Secondary Goal (of discussion): The class should have a productive discussion. Among other things, that means that the discussion should stay on task and that comments should interrelate.

It is certainly possible to reach the primary goal simply by lecturing on the topic. However, the secondary goal suggests that you should find a way to get your colleagues to reach understanding through discussion. Different stewardship teams may find that they have different ways of reaching those goals.

Tips: Here are a few things that might help you succeed:

Additional Requirements:



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