Introduction to Statistics (MAT/SST 115.03 2008S)

R notes for Activity 8-5: Buckle Up!

This activity requires a bit more work with R than we've done in previous exercises. We start by reading in values.

SeatBeltUsage = read.csv("/home/rebelsky/Stats115/Data/SeatBeltUsage05.csv")

The first step is to separate the table into two parts.

Primary = SeatBeltUsage[SeatBeltUsage$LawType == "Primary", ]
Secondary = SeatBeltUsage[SeatBeltUsage$LawType == "Secondary", ]

You will need to extract the CompliancePercentage column from each in order to compute dot plots, means, and medians.


It may be helpful to draw each dot plot in a separate window. In R, the way we create a new output window depends on the computer system we're using. On Linux (which we use in class), the command is X11(). On a Mac, the command is quartz(). On Microsoft windows, the command is windows(). Hence, on our Linux boxes, you might create new windows for the two new plots with.


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