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CSC 322.01, Class 27: Reports and Wrapup


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Questions
  • Presentations
  • Work time

News / Etc.

  • Final reports due this Friday.

Upcoming Work

  • Presentations Thursday.

Good things to do

Note: I do not do extra credit in two-credit classes.

  • Newtown talk tonight.
  • Lots of music.

Food for Thursday

  • OJ
  • Muffins
  • Fruit
  • (Coffee?)
  • Cheese
  • Fizzy wine
  • Egg Nog

Friday’s Public Presentations

Plan: 9:00-10:30. Your talk will be about 8 min, plus setup, plus questions. We assume fifteen minutes per group.

  • 9:00 Local Foods
  • 9:15 Placeholders (survivor support)
  • 9:30 PALS
  • 9:45 Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation
  • 10:00 Heartland Global Health Cooperative
  • 10:15 Mayflower

Approximate structure of presentation. Feel free to vary.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Describe your partner and their goals.
  • Describe the problem you were address with your partner.
  • Describe and demo your solution.
  • Talk about goals for your future.

The Placeholders (aka “Survivor Support”)

What did we accomplish in sprint 3?

  • Met with client (finally)! Discussed content of questions.
  • Minor visual changes and an escape button (that needs to be fixed).
    • Escape button opens new tab and then redirects to
  • Lots about UI.
  • Security. What happens if you have the URL of someone else’s report? Used to be, you could see it. Now, you get a 404 error
  • Unable to complete: Branching nature to questions.
  • Set up documentation for next semester.
  • Velocity: 16, but would have been more if they hadn’t failed at branching questions.


  • Need to sign in.
  • You can start a new record or view reports
  • Note: Need email.
  • Identify reports by first digit.


  • Do you have a designated contact person? “We will be around.”
  • We have confirming with AA.
  • What happens if you lose your password? “We can implement that quickly.” Other schools only allow you to recover password.
  • Do you need your passphrase to see the report? Yes.
  • Note: Make it clear that you cannot recover your passphrase.


What did you accomplish?

  • Specific residents’ images [4 pts]
  • Demo to Mayflower group [6 pts]
  • Update database to seed from AWS [2 pts]
    • Easier ot update database.
    • Resolve security issues
  • Update all resident information, FAQs, contact page, README [2 pt]
  • Finished “two minutes ago”: Weird issues with CSS fixed. [0 pt]
  • Total 14 points


  • Partners will be beta testing.
  • Update data. (Matching file names and real names.)
  • Document steps for folks
  • Deploy changes to Heroku
  • Change ownership of GitHub repo and AWS bucket
    • Suggest that the next group make a fork.


  • Layout? There are some changes to be made. “They asked: Make something that works first.”
  • They reached MVP! But a group should still work on it next semester.
  • Available for consultation? Yes!


Final sprint and velocity

  • Overhead: Merging, meeting, etc.: 1 pt
  • Heroku: 2 pt
  • Finish up interests: Ed/create: 2 pt
  • Filters to admin dash: 2 pt
  • As a volunteer, I can communicate with replies: 5 pt
  • View info: 3 pt


  • 21 points, more than they expected. Averaging 17.5

Next semester

  • Send email to a filtered list of people.
  • Improve community board.
  • Scheduler (which was the original plan)


  • You can reply
  • You can delete anyone’s replies. Whoops!


  • Seed your data well for good demos.

Heartland Global Health Consortium

Front end issues

  • Styling default views: 1 point
  • Documentation for non-technical people to change content: 1 pt
  • Documentation for Devise and Stripe for next group:3 points
  • Notes on Bootstrap: 1 point
  • Inserting the favicon: 1 point
  • User posts on home page: 2 points
  • Email confirmation (0 points allocated, but done)
  • Display devise errors: 0 point
    • It’s nice to know what went wrong
  • Check that emails are affiliated with consortium (0 points allocated)

Database and search

  • Interest and user tables (2 points)
  • Fixed bugs to cross table and devise (0 points)
  • Document database and models for next group (2 points)

Server setup

  • Found most appropriate server for DNS (2 point)
  • Help client setup AWS account and services (1 point)
  • Set up DNS service (2 points)


  • Summary: Dealt with a lot of unexpected issues.
  • Planned 33
  • Finished: 18


  • Lots more cleanup.
  • Registration system.


  • Photo, where does it come from.
  • Could not get user data from database using normal commands
  • Next group: Admin and convference

Local Foods Connection

  • Back-end administrative stuff
  • Making the front-end more user friendly.


  • Added icon support for location pins (uplanned)
  • Added checkboxes for the search bar (unplanned)
  • Include additional documentation to ease transfer [nope]
  • Add functional to search bars for farms and recipes [nope]
  • Allow users to filter search results [nope]
  • Make the forms more friendly, stylish [nope]


  • Goal of 22 or so

Current state of system is good

  • Authentication is ready.


  • Authentication gem with ActiveAdmin and Devise was more challenging than they expected.
  • Merge conflicts after data changes
  • Easier to navigate.

Final steps

  • Make the forms look more user-friendly, stylish [2 points]
  • Auto-scrolling feature for list of frams [1 points]
  • Additional docuemntation to ease transfer [3 points]


  • User experience; a guide.
  • More visuals, etc.


  • Why Pundit rather than CanCan


Completed 18 points

  • 2: Added footer
  • 3: Wrote and set up FAQ for footer
  • 4.5: Wrote new tests (really needed)
  • 1: Changed location of logo
  • 3: Ensure profiles of organizations show up
  • 4: Wokring event updates
  • 3: Deploy to Heroku
  • 1: Update Edit Profile HTML
  • 1: Fixed invalid dates

In the middle

  • Had started a mailer. Not finished
  • Nicole wants emails when organizations sign up.
  • Password reset emails.
  • Nicer date selector.
  • TImezones based on location
  • “Remember me” for sign-in
  • Color-code flash messages.

The path to MVP

  • Working mailer: Need Heroku and MailGun
  • Getting things from Nicole: Site info and text
  • Bugs remain
    • Volunteer count
    • Access to pages with URL

Passing it along

  • Code was not as far along as they thought
    • Many bugs, barely functional, insufficient tests, difficult to read, gross appearance
  • Fixed bugs, added tests, added new functionality. But more to do.
  • Site is live at …
  • Thinks less than one semester away from MVP.

More things to pass along

  • Folder of presentations, Trello Board, GitHub repos, Heroku
  • And a list of what they were in the middle of doing.

So many obstacles for the next group

  • Understand the volunteer and organization architecture
  • Writing tests
  • The mailer
  • Picking a project