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CSC 322.01, Class 17: Work time


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Questions

News / Etc.

  • I’ll do a quick check-in with each group to hear your plans for the week. The rest of the morning is yours. The mentors and I will be available to answer questions.

Upcoming Work

  • Paper: Comparatively reflect on the the new draft ACM code of ethics.
    • E.g., What changes do you see as particularly important? What other changes do you think should still be made? What else belongs? What doesn’t belong? Etc.
    • Compare to the prior ACM code of ethics.
    • Approximately 1000 words. Correct grammar and spelling. I may invoke the MC/JS rule if there are multiple problems with grammar or spelling.
    • Due via email at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 2
  • Regular work on projects.
  • Weekly Project Report, Friday at 5pm
    • What did you accomplish this past week?
    • What do you hope to accomplish in the coming week?
    • What obstacles stand in your way?
    • What resources do you need to help you accomplish your work?
  • For Tuesday: Read Chapter 3 of POODR. (Read Chapters 1 and 2 if you have not read them already.)

Good things to do

Note: I do not do extra credit in two-credit classes.

  • Convocation TODAY (11 am in JRC 101). Important topic, excellent speaker.
  • Strange Escape Room stuff.
  • Protest Bot workshop, Friday 4pm in Burling 1st.
  • Last local foods pizza night of the season, Friday.
  • Swimming and Diving Saturday 9ish-1ish.
  • Tailgate 11:30 Saturday on the Grassy Knoll.
  • Football Saturday.


Sprint Goals: Survivor Support

Current sprint

  • Meet with Title IX officers (Tuesday). Summarized. Followup meeting with client. 1 pt. DONE.
  • Bug: Multiple choice question causes crash. 1 pt. DONE.
  • Bug: Remove name from matching causes crash. 1 pt. Not yet done. But meeting suggests that the matching option may not be there in the first place.
  • Bug/feature: Facebook URL of respondent/accused required (?). Looking for an alternative. Discussing with client. 1 pt.
  • Container site with resources (broader than Grinnell’s). Assumption that everything is on one site. Creating spots for the resources. Another Django project. 3 pt.
  • Investigate what resources other schools are providing. 1 pt.

Prior sprint

  • Looked at Grinnell Sexual Resources site. Found it very scattershot.

For future sprint

  • Learn about security of Heroku. Title IX will be contacting head of cybersecurity. Reminder: Wes B. works at Heroku.

Other notes

  • They need user stories.
  • Q: Is “guide for others who want to install Callisto” a project list?
  • Q: Who is keeping the resources site up to date?

Sprint Goals: Local Foods


  • Database and API are working.

Primary goals

  • Add authentication to API. N points.
  • Connect to authenticated API from Javascript. N points.
  • Display full farm information. N points.
  • Forms for getting data into the database (least priority, but likely).

Next sprint / backlog

  • Search by keyword.
  • Filter by keyword.


  • Need to talk to client about how they will get the data. Will the client survey the farmers or will they ….

Sprint Goals: PALS Gals

Goals for the current sprint

  • Registration for new volunteers.
    • Set up Gems 2pts.
    • Sign-up form (view + contoller for new) 3pts.
    • View profile. 2pt
    • Set initial preferences. 3pt.
  • Administrator: View list of volunteers. 2pt.
    • Comes with ActiveAdmin.
  • Administrator: Filter list of volunteers by preferences. 2pt.
  • Community board: Framework - routes lead to stub pages. 5pt.

Goals for future sprints

  • Update preferences
  • Community board - Post.
    • Shift.
    • Ride.
    • Everything else.
  • Community board - Read.
  • Community board - Filter.
  • Community board - Followup.
  • Community board - Delete.

Sprint Goals: Mayflower

  • Securely put resident pictures on AWS [2 pt]
  • Find Gem to grab pictures from AWS (CarrierWave or something similar) install and get running. [4 pt]
  • Deploy to Heroku. [6 pt]
  • Clean up UI. [5 pt]
  • Usability research. [3 pt]
  • Meet with clients [6 pt]

Sprint Goals: Heartland


  • Mock ups of lots of things
  • Prototype of Web site

Current goals

  • Install Devise Gem [4 pt]
  • Investigate payment system [4 pt]
  • Javascript rich text editor [original estimate 6 probably 12]
  • Use Bootstrap and CSS to transform the prototpe Web site into something more attractive and acessible [5 pt].
  • Google MAPs API [5 pt]
  • Improve searching [3 pt] (solved problem by others, but we need to figure out how)
  • Email server (but probably a bad idea)
  • Meet with client [5 pt]

Sprint Goals: GPCF


  • They have a list of observations of problems with the code.
  • They’ve been delegating problems to people. Points are 1-4. If the problem is 3 or more points.

This sprint

  • Sign in as an organization. It wasn’t clear that organizations were not approved. So the task was “Flash message that you are not approved.” [3 pt]
  • RSpec tests not running [3 pt]
  • Needed easier sign-in and sign-up process [4 pt]
  • Calculation of volunteers is incorrect [2 pt]
  • (No client meetings this sprint.)
  • Bugs in create event (wrong times). Needs exploration [3 pt]
  • Write more tests [2 pt]


  • Appearance/UI [2 pt]