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CSC 322.01, Class 15: Debrief on alumni visits


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Questions
  • Group reports

News / Etc.

  • It’s almost break. I hope you are able to enjoy break and to decompress from the stress of the first half of the semester.
  • Reminder: Our class meets 8:30-10:50 TuTh for the second half of the semester

Upcoming Work

  • Paper: Approx. 1000 words. Reflect on the the new draft ACM code of ethics. Compare to the old version. What changes do you see as particularly important? What other changes do you think should still be made? What else belongs? What doesn’t belong? Etc. Due Nov. 2

Good things to do

Note: I do not do extra credit in two-credit classes.

  • CS Extras Today visitor from UIowa


Group reports

Local Foods

  • We got a detailed overview of what our Web architecture should be. Where do we store data and how to refer to those data in the different parts of the Web applications.
  • We’ll be using Rails for the data with an API.
  • The feature in the main Web site will probably be Javascript based.
  • Communication: Slack etc.


  • Talked about where images should reside
  • Prioritized tasks on Trello
  • Plan to talk on Monday evenings
  • Looked at some design issues
  • Some advice on history


  • How do you deal with inherited code? Advice: Don’t need to grow comfortable with the whole system, just the sections with bugs. Work from there.
  • Bugs include: Create events without login, no login for community partners, calendar wonkiness
  • Strategies for delegation. How best to organize pairs. Do you do two novices, or one experienced and one novice.
  • Communication via email.


  • Plan to communicate once per week on Tuesdays (not the first week).
  • Some useful gems to help them get there.
  • Setting up Trello well.
  • New focus: Community board. (Registering, preferences, etc.)
  • Make sure to use a production database for your production deploy.
  • Team contract really useful. Sam should ask Cassie for a copy.


  • Probably meeting with their partner.

Side discussion: SQL implementations

  • There are lots of SQL implementations. How do they differ?
  • Same basic SQL commands (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, …)
  • Important difference: Support for transactions. Transactions are collections of instructions that either all succeed or all fail.
  • Important difference: Footprint (CPU, resources, etc.).
  • Important difference: Robustness for production.
  • We use SQLlite during development but PostgreSQL for deployment.
  • Difference: Most SQL implementations include another associated programming language. Those differ significantly.

Team Contract


  • All team members will understand responsibilities and expectations.
  • Decisions are more efficient with a shared understand of roles
  • Meetings are more efficient with a shared understanding of roles


  • What are you doing.
  • Able to say: “That’s a task for X”
  • Talk about strengths and weaknesses.

Schedule Information / Flexibility

  • When will you be gone / busy

Communincation policies

  • When you meet


Other things

  • What are your desired areas of growth?


  • Project
  • Communication
  • Etc.


  • Also gives you good things to check in on.

Diving into Trello

  • Making it clear what the status of different tasks is
    • Done
    • Future
    • Working on
    • Waiting for acceptance fromt he client
  • Making it clear who is doing the different tasks
  • Also allocating tasks: Some are dependent, some are independent. Need to note dependencies. Need to have some independent tasks so that you’re not stuck waiting on others.
  • Label with priority marker
  • Label with expected cost (and maybe actual cost)

Optimizing Use of Mentors

  • When should you meet them (online, in person)?
  • In person week five or so.
  • Soon after meeting with client, when we are setting up our project (or trying to figure out how to get the current version of the project up and running).
  • NOT midsems week.
  • Mentors are useful for thinking about team building and other issues, get them on board early.