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CSC 322.01, Class 08: Surprise reports


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Questions
  • Prep time.
  • Individual group reports

News / Etc.

  • Please let me know when you notice problems on the Web site. I think I’ve fixed most of them.
  • I’ve decided to try a strange experiment for today. See below.
  • PM will teach you more about “git” on Thursday. (branching and more.)

Upcoming Work

  • Continue normal work - Setting up projects, etc.

Good things to do

Note: I do not do extra credit in two-credit classes.


  • CS Table Today
  • CS Extras Thursday


Prep time

You have four hours outside of class each week to work on your project. You’ve had about one and a half weeks. Groups of 6 therefore have 36 hours of person work done and groups of 5 have 30. What have you accomplished in that time? Please present with appropriate context. You will have five minutes.

Some things to consider.

  • What is your project (for your classmates who don’t remember)?
  • What have you accomplished so far?
  • What are your goals for the next week or two?
  • What are some useful user stories for us to hear?

Individual group reports

Client: Advocates

  • They met with their client.
    • The College will not pay for Callisto.
    • Callisto vs. Ethicspoint (our current anonymous reporting system)
    • Looked at screenshots of UI at Pomona
    • Clarified audience: Not just students, but also faculty and staff
    • Goal of making it Grinnell-speicifc. (Through collab. with Advocates)
    • History of Callisto etc.
  • They looked at Ethicspoint
  • They are starting to learn Django
  • Set up working environment
  • Working with Project Callisto
    • Clear licensing
    • They cannot call it Callisto
    • Where will the info be? Who will pay?
    • What info do they need from Callisto
    • Legal issues they have to consider
    • The school cannot store the info itself. Who will pay for the storage.
  • Current goals
    • Learn Django
    • Get Sam to look into funding

Client: GPCF

  • Have not yet met with client.
  • Have prepared to meet with the client. They have a large list of questions.
  • They have found the three repos but haven’t tried much. THey did get them running. Yay!
  • Set up Slack.
  • Working on list of requirements.
  • Suggestions/questions
    • Have working versions to show the clients.
    • Is there documentation of stuff that has to be done?
    • Have you talked to the students who developed other code.

Client: Mayflower

  • Have not met with client. (Will meet with a group of clients on Thursday.)
  • Project is running. They’ve seen a few technical errors, such as the lack of an error
  • Client is interested in status of photos in the database.
  • It looks like it’s in a good state.
  • Most of their goal is making it prettier.
  • Will be meeting with KY to discuss various issues.
  • Sam notes that there is more than just the directory.
  • Think about how to save for next semester?

Client: PALS

  • Met with client
  • Divided tasks - SMS, Security, UI, and more.

Client: Global Health

Sam missed this