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CSC 322.01, Class 06: Team building, continued


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Questions
  • Strengths
  • Project roles
  • Other issues


  • Mentor session Wednesday 7-9 pm
  • Our goal for today is to continue to build teams.
    • Sit with your team!
  • When are you meeting with your partner?
    • GPCF: TBD need to reach out
    • Mayflower: TBD
    • PALS: Probably tomorrow at 4pm. In the future, please use the registered student driver process.
    • Local Foods: TBD
    • Advocates: Thursday during class.
    • Global Health: Even more TBD
  • Where do you stand on getting something working?

Upcoming work

  • Meet with your partners.
  • Set up repos / try to get something running (for past projects)
  • Read chapters 1-3 of POODR for Thursday’s class.

Good things to do


  • CS Table - Machine ethics
  • CS Extras - Caldron



Project roles


  • Manager (Scrum Master)- Assigns individual tasks, keeps team focused.
  • Project liaison - Contacts community partner, sets up meetings, up. (Also contacts alumni mentor when assigned.)
  • Technology manager - Manages the various technologies your group uses (git, trello, waffle, and/or others)
    • Could be split
  • Person who maintains the list of tasks/specs/stories. (Could be manager.)
  • Scribe - Someone who is responsible for notes on the group’s activities (Could be manager, could be lister)


  • Code and Documentation Reviewer - Looks at all of the stuff people write; perhaps the only one who has write access to the repo (either by code or by custom)
  • Devil’s advocate. Challenges decisions so that folks are forced to think through them.
  • QA/Tester
  • Floater
  • Presentation lead


  • Developers


  • What are your group’s shared strengths?
  • What strengths on the sheet are missing? Is that a problem? If so, how will you address it?

Project roles

Assign project roles and be prepared to report.


  • Manager: EN
  • Project liaison: GN
  • Product owner: JEO
  • Scribe: CRB
  • QA: JH
  • Presentation lead: CB
  • Version control: CB


  • Manager: JBF
  • Project liaison: YD
  • Product owner: YD
  • Tech Manager: CGT
  • Tester: DNA
  • Scribe: AH

Global Health Cooperative - Temporary

  • Manager: JT
  • Project liaison: LG
  • Technologist: AM
  • Specs/Tasks: AL
  • Scribe: JC (mia)
  • Product owner: LG


  • Manager: AG
  • Project liaison: AS
  • Product owner: JT
  • Presentation lead: JT
  • Technologist: AG/MN
  • Version Control / Code Reviewer: MN
  • Scribe: MM

Local Foods

  • Manager: NR
  • Scribe: A
  • Project liaison: MT
  • Product owner: MM
  • More to be assigned


  • Manager: MK
  • Project liaison: BHH
  • Product owner: BHH
  • Tech Manager / Devil’s Advocate / Testing: GG
  • Scribe / Presentation Lead: OM
  • Floater: TK

Other issues