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CSC 322.01, Class 05: Team building


  • Preliminaries
    • Notes and news
    • Upcoming work
    • Extra credit
    • Questions
  • Team building exercises


  • Our goal for today is to help build teams.
  • Fill out the Dudle (long u) poll. You will need help. Make sure that KY is available at a time that is good for you.

Upcoming work

  • Make an appointment to meet with your community partner. Contact Susan Sanning if you need contact info. Plan to meet with your community partner some time next week, if possible.
    • Ideally, it’s the whole team.
    • Since that’s often next-to-impossible, a part of the team is okay.
    • You may use 10am-11am TuTh for the meeting time.
  • If you are working on an existing project, find it in the CSC 322 organization, make a clone, and try to get it running.
    • You may have to track down others to help.
  • If you are working on a new project, get it set up in the CSC 322 organization. (A blank Rails thing is fine.)

Good things to do


  • Rosenfield symposium, this week. (Lots of different events)


  • Les Duke
  • Sign up for picnic (see email)


Team Building Exercises

  • Share resumes with each other (and with me and with Kathryn).
  • Read each other’s resumes.
  • If this was all you saw about the person, what would you expect about the person joining your team?

Return to large group at 10:30

Sam turns mean(er).

  • This person did not bring their resume to the exercise. They are never going to get work on time.
  • This person used Word and doesn’t know how to align things. They are probably an IT major rather than a CS major. And they’re not even a good IT major.
  • This person listed HTML as a programming language. They are an IT major, and don’t really know how to program.
  • This person used the most popular LaTeX resume format. I have no idea whether or not they know LaTeX, but they are able to hack together things.
  • This person did not format their stuff consistently. I will never let them touch my code.
  • This person used underlines to emphasize things. They know nothing about typography.
  • This person lists no technical skills on their resume. ‘nuff said.
  • This person’s resume does not fit on a page.
  • This person does not use grammatically correct English. (I’ll let you fill in your own implications.
  • This person is an anthropologist. I wonder if they are studying us.
  • This person used buzzwords that I don’t know. They are likely to be arrogant and a poor communicator.