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Reading: User stories + Software as a Servcie

  1. Read sections 7.1-7.5 of the SaaSbook.

  2. Watch at least one SaaSbook video for those sections in “full attention” mode. You should only have the video on the screen. You should have no distractors. You should have a notebook and writing utensil in hand. You may watch at whatever speed you consider appropriate.

  3. Review chapters 2 and 4 of the SaaSbook, focusing primarily on the concept of “Software as a Service”.

  4. Read Richard Stallman’s “Who does that server really serve?”, available online at

For the journal send an email message to me titled “CSC 321 2017F, Journal for Day 7 (Your Name)” (without the quotation marks) and with answers to the following questions.

  1. If you are in a CSC 322 project group, write two user stories on your project. (Each member of that group must write two stories.) If you are not in a CSC 322 project group, write two user stories for a four-year planner service that allows Grinnell students and faculty to collaborate on building four-year plans.

  2. What confused you the most about the reading on user stories? Explain the issue as best you can.

  3. Fox/Patterson and Stallman provide very different views on Software as a Service. Quickly explain which you prefer and why.