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Reading: Legacy code and the UML

Read the following:

  • Chapter 9 of the SaaSbook
  • Sections 10.4–10.9 of the SaaSbook
  • The Wikipedia page on UML
  • Section 11.2 of the SaaSbook

For the journal send an email message to me titled “CSC 321 2017F, Journal for Day 12 (Your Name)” (without the quotation marks) and with answers to the following questions.

  1. What is “legacy code”? (We see lots of definitions within the chapter.)

  2. Describe three “code smells” that you regularly notice.

  3. Describe three refactoring techniques that you regularly use.

  4. What do you see as particular values of using UML?

  5. What challenges do you see in using UML? (That is, why might teams choose not to use UML?)