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HW 0: Set up accounts

  1. Within the next day, you will receive an invitation to join Cloud 9 ( Accept that invitation.

  2. If you have not done so already, please set up accounts with the following services.

    a. - Version control

    b. - MOOC

    c. - Communication

    d. - Learning

    e. - More learning

    f. - Task management

    g. - Deploy rails apps

  3. Email your ids for the various services to the mentor and to me. Title your message “CSC 321.01 2017F HW 0 (NAME)”. Please substitute your own name and do not include the quotation marks. The content of the message should look something like the following

     Name: Samuel A. Rebelsky
     GitHub id: rebelsky
     Slack id: rebelsky
     Trello id: rebelsky