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Class 1: An introduction to the course

Held: Monday, 23 January 2017

We begin to consider the core ideas of the course.



  • Course goals
  • Course format
  • Approaching algorithms.
  • {“Problem”=>”Getting from here to there”}
  • {“Problem”=>”Optimal soldering plans”}
  • {“Problem”=>”Scheduling overlapping tasks”}


News / Etc.

  • Welcome back! I look forward to having an excellent semester with you all.
  • I will take quick attendance.
  • I expect all of you to sign the department’s academic honesty policy.
  • As is typical for the start of the semester, the course Web site is in rougher shape than I would like. Expect it to take form over the next few weeks.
  • I will be using the white board more than in other classes, particularly since I will be drawing data structures. Do you want to share daily note-taking responsibilities?
  • Friday PSA.

Upcoming Work

  • Read chapter 1 of Skiena by Monday.
  • Assignment 1, due 10:30 pm Wednesday

Extra Credit

  • CS Table, Tuesday, topic tbd.
  • CS Extras, Thursday, Contracts.

Good things to do

  • Ag days next Thursday.