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Assignment 5: Red-black trees

Due: Wednesday, 4 October 2017 by 10:30pm



Collaboration (written): You may discuss this assignment with anyone you like, provided you credit such discussion when you submit the assignment. You will find that you learn the material better more if you follow initial design discussions in a group with individual writing. Each person should write up his, her, zir, or their own work and submit it individually.

Submitting (written): Turn in your work in the envelope next ot my office door. While I would prefer that you use LaTeX, you may certainly do your work by hand. Make sure to include your name, course information, and date at the top of the page. If you use paper torn from a loose-leaf notebook, make sure to remove or trim any lose edges.

Evaluation: We will primarily evaluate your work on its correctness (e.g., does it compute what it is supposed to; does it meet the requirements of the assignment); clarity (e.g., is it easy to read, is it well formatted and documented); and efficiency (e.g., does it achieve its goal quickly and with limited resources). These criteria will be modified, as appropriate, for written and coding assignments.

Warning: So that this assignment is a learning experience for everyone, we may spend class time publicly critiquing your work.


Do CLRS problems 13.2-1, 13.2-2, 13.3-2, 13.3-5, 13.3-6, 13.4-3, 13.4-5, 13.4-6, and 13.4-7.