Thinking in C and *nix (CSC 282 2015S) : Outlines

List of Course Outlines

Class 14WrapupThursday7 May 2015
Class 12TestingThursday23 April 2015
Class 11Miscellaneous C Programming IssuesThursday16 April 2015
Class 10Improved MakeThursday9 April 2015
Class 9Automating Work with MakeThursday2 April 2015
Class 8Using Macros for LoggingThursday12 March 2015
Class 6Compilation, Macros, and the C PreprocessorThursday26 February 2015
Class 4A C Program EcosystemThursday12 February 2015
Class 3The Bash Shell - A RefresherThursday5 February 2015
Class 2Some Basic Tasks and Corresponding ToolsThursday29 January 2015
Class 1IntroductionThursday22 January 2015