Algorithms and OOD (CSC 207 2014S) : Labs

Reference Values

Summary: We consider a few basic issues with reference values in Java.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Java basics. Objects in Java. Memory layout.


Open the reading on reference values in Java in a new window or tab.

Create a new Eclipse project for this lab. I'd suggest a name like lab-reference-values.


Exercise 1: Exploring the Reading

Create a new main class, Experiments, that replicates the various examples from the “Implications” section of the reading. For example, you might start your main method with the following code.


public class Experiments

  public static void main(String[] args)
    throws Exception
    PrintWriter pen = new PrintWriter(System.out, true);

    // First example: int values.

    int i = 2;
    int j = i;

    pen.println("Initial values");
    pen.println("i = " + i);
    pen.println("j = " + j);

    i += 5;

    pen.println("After incrementing i by 5");
    pen.println("i = " + i);
    pen.println("j = " + j);

    // We're done.  Clean up.
  } // main
} // class Experiments

For Those With Extra Time

If you find that you have extra time (and you should), start working on the next lab.

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