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CSC 207 2014S: Extra Session, Week 13


Questions and Answers

Is problem 1 closely related to something we did in lab?


Can we just submit our answers to that lab writeup?

I would not recommend it.

Can we refer to them?

Certainly, provided you cite.

For problem 2a, how many unit tests should we write?

A minimum of 49, although they can be combined into a single function. There are seven ways to rearrange a subtree tree after deleting the "root". There are seven places that subtree can be. (See Q&A in exam.) 7x7 is 49.

For problem 2b, are there hints?

Take advantage of things like

                operation = "remove(" + key + ")";
  static void reportError(BST<Character, String> dict, ArrayList<String> ops,
                          String message)
    dict.dump(new PrintWriter(System.err, true));
  } // reportError

Tips on problem 3?

Go through the versions systematiclaly.

On problem 4, is there an order in which we have to iterate the keys and values?

No. Whatever order is most convenient.

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