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CSC207.01 2014S, Class 55: Course Wrapup and Evaluation




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Questions on the Exams

What, exactly, do you want for 2b?

Random tests are nice because they catch cases you wouldn't think of. But "your code is wrong" is not helpful. Need a way to see how the tree was built so, which helps identify problems. Right now: Gives you the list of operations. You want Java code. Do it slowly by hand or write a program. Your goal: Write the program.

Can we change Randy's randomized testing code?

Yes. I assume you will change what you put into the ArrayList and how you print out the ArrayList.

In that same question, you give a block of code that builds a tree and prints a trace. What's the point?

That's a good model for you output.

The subject matter(s) of the course



OOD and Software Construction

Abstract Data Types

Data Structures

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