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CSC207.01 2014S, Class 43: Hash Tables, Continued



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Questions on the Project

Do we have to support top-level arrays and not just top-level objects?


When we are handling numbers, how do we deal with the various kinds?

Option 1: Always use BigDecimal.

Option 2: Pay attention to what symbols you've seen in the number (or build the string and search for symbols). If it includes a decimal point, it's a decimal number. If not, it's an integer.

Where would you make that decision?

Probably in the parser.

What advice does E-guy have?

Use a wrapper class. But Sam says it's up to you.

What's the performance of charAt and substring?

charAt is O(1)

I don't know the implementation of substring. I think it is O(length of resulting string), but it could be O(1)

What's the performance of "build a string by appending characters"?

O(n^2), unless you are using a StringBuffer/StringBuilder.

But you probably want to use substring instead.

Do key/value pairs appear anywhere besides in objects?




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