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CSC207.01 2014S, Class 35: Priority Queues and their Basic Implementation



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Questions on the exam

What do you mean by "You can treat the height of the skip list as constant"

If your algorithm is O(height), it's O(1). (If you think carefully, height is about log_2(n).

How do we call the order comparator in problem 1?

int order =, val2); if (order < 0) { // Code for "val1 precedes val2" } // (order < 0) else if (order == 0) { // Code for "the values are the same" } // (order == 0) else // (order > 0) { // Code for "val1 follows val2" } // (order > 0)

How do we get the last problem to work if we adding/removing elements cause iterators to fail?

Use set rather than add or remove.

A Summary of HW6

Implement queues with arrays, with wrapping.

Implement the "pretty output" parenthesis matching algorithm.

Implement an RPN calculator.

A few notes on priorities


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