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CSC207.01 2014S, Class 22: Detour: Anonymous Inner Classes



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Anonymous inner classes - the concept

Sometimes you want functions and it's not worth your time/effort to name them.

(set! grades (map (l-s + .25) grades))


(define fixgrade
  (lambda (x) (+ .25 x)))
(set! grades (map fixgrade grades))

First is shorter

Giving something a name takes mental energy and pollutes the namespace.

In Java, anonymous things are also useful

In Java, anonynous is particularly useful because we have to write a lot when we declare a new class.

Java has anonymous classes

We use them to provide the functions that we need above.

Anonymous inner classes - the implementation

new Interface() { Method implementations }


public interface Checker { public boolean okay(Object o); } // interface Checker

public class Sam { public static Object search(Object[] values, Checker check) { for (v : values) if (check.okay(v)) return v; } // search(Object[], Checker) } // class Sam, new Checker() { public boolean okay(Object o) { return o.toString.contains("k"); } // okay } // Checker );

public class SamR { public static Object searchByString(Object[] values, final String str) {, new Checker() { public boolean okay(Object o) { return o.toString.contains(str); } // okay } // Checker ); } } // class SamR

Some subtleties

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