Algorithms and OOD (CSC 207 2014F) : Outlines

Outline 32: Pause for Breath

Held: Wednesday, 29 October 2014

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We pause for breath and take a day to reflect on various aspects of the course.

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Responding to Issues in Exam 1


Intended model for this semester: I pair groups of students with a client. You set up an Ushahidi installation for the client. You build a simple Java application that does some custom analysis of the data. You present an overview to the class.

Model from last semester: You write a parser for JSON. You extend the parser in an "interesting" way. (You get to choose what "interesting" means.) You give a three-minute, three-slide presentation to an audience of potential "clients".

Requested model from Heather Benning: You write a program that takes requirements for setting up sporting seasons. We'll probably still do the three-minute, three-slide presentations.

I prefer that you all do the same type of project so that things are comparable (and because projects require a lot of support).

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