Algorithms and OOD (CSC 207 2014F) : EBoards

CSC 151: Extra Session 2 (Thursday, 11 Sept. 2014)


    You ask questions
    I attempt answers
  Until we run out of time or you run out of questions
    I ask questions
    You attempt answers
    I provide followup comments
  Until we run out of time or you start asking questions again
Until we run out of time

Sam: What do you see as the difference between int, Integer and BigInteger?

Student: So, how does BigInteger work?

Sam: What's the most confusing part of 207? Student: Organizing all the files. Testing.

What does the import foo.Foo or import mean?
(Or any import.)

Can you have more than one class in a Java file?

How should we deal with parsing BigIntegers?

Advice about testing?