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CSC207.01 2014F, Class 28: Merge Sort




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Asking Sam for Help

Some of you are good about asking me for help in person. Some of you are good about asking me for help via email. Some do neither.

Students from the past two semesters of CSC 207 keep saying "Once I realized that Sam was actually helpful, I started asking for help. It just took too long to learn that I should ask for help."

I don't know if any part of the statement is still true this semester (although I hope that the first part is). So, I'm going to leave the room for five minutes and let you talk to each other about asking me for help. I hope that the people who find me helpful talk to others about ways in which I am and am not helpful.

You can also make a list of things that I can do better, other than magically finding time for more office hours. Mira will convey that list to me.

Lower bounds on sorting

An introduction to merge sort