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CSC207.01 2014F, Class 25: Using Java from the Command Line




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Do you expect us to write the algorithm in part 3, or use an already-designed one?

You should be able to write it.

It's okay if it's k*n, where n is the length of the "master string" (the one which is being mutated) and k is the length of the "pattern string"

You can't just shove stuff down each time, because that will be an O(n^2) algorithm.

Use good program design. Separate responsibilities. For example, you might want to separate the task of finding the pattern from the task of replacing at a particular position.

Use C knowledge and think about efficiency.

Why do you have so many other methods in the class?

Good answer: The other methods are there to help you think about the data structure.

Bad answer: The first time I gave this problem, I asked students to implement not just replace, but also insert, and remove, and .... That was too much work.

A brief overview of basic commands

Ant and Maven