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CSC207.01 2014F, Class 06: Classes and Objects




Upcoming Work

                  Fields: day, week, year, hour
                  Constructor: UshahiTimestamp(day, week, year, hour)
        * Look at Java reference
    * Shallow or deep analysis of Web site?
        * Focus on the main objects you think you'll need
          for representing the underlying data.
* Finding methods: Eclipse and the API pages should be useful 
* For Part A's testing, can we just be thorough with individual tests,
  rather than writing a for loop?
    * Yes.
    * Often, you want both.
        * Individual tests for corner cases.
        * Loops to ensure you check a broad range of values.
* How should we approach the "average doesn't work on all values"
    * There's an implicit hint in part A.
    * Think about special cases from your own work in C.
    * The bug was found by someone at Google when they were working
      with the built-in binary search in Java.
    * Do we have to fix the code for real, or can we just specify
        * You should fix the code so that it works for any pair
          of integers.
* Do you want us to document classes and methods?
    * Simple "this is what it does" documentation is nice, preferably
      using Javadoc.

* Daily lab writeup: * Reading for Tuesday: * Arrays in Java

Extra Credit Opportunities


Peer Support


A brief introduction to objects