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CSC207.01 2013F, Class 35: Implementing Queues with Arrays




HW 8

_Why can't I write?

T[] vals = new T[size];

Short answer: Java has design issues.

Medium answer: Lots of subtleties in Java's parameterized classes. More precisely, it can't know at compile time what T is, which makes it hard to generate the code to build the array.

Hack answer:

void myproc() {
    T[] vals = (T[]) new Object[size];
} // myproc()

_Can I merge in place in O(n) time?

No. Well, maybe, but it's not worth the time to figure it out.

_Does iterative mergesort have to run in O(nlogn) time?

Yes, your implementation does.

Ideas from last class

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