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CSC207.01 2013F, Class 34: An Introduction to Linear Structures




Thinking About Next Semester

It's almost time for prereg. Have you thought about what you're going to do next in CS?

Thinking About Summer

As long as you're thinking about next semester, you might want to start thinking beyond next semester. What will you do this coming summer?

HW 8

Any comments on iterative merge sort?

Professor Walker has been talking a lot about memory efficiency. You may find it useful to build one helper array (of size N) where you copy values before merging back into the main array. (The typical strategy is to copy the first half of the section to be merged into the helper array, and then you can merge back in place.)

_There's a bug in Sam's Quicksort

Thanks AK. I'll fix.

_Can you cut problems 5-8?


Linear structures


Reverse Polish Notation


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