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CSC207.01 2013F, Class 31: Quadratic Sorts



Questions on HW7

Where do I find Node?

In, because it's only needed by that class.

What does search do?

Moves forward in the list until it finds a value for which the predicate holds. If it doesn't find such a value, returns false and doesn't move.

_Can I rewrite the Cursor interface so that it's Cursor<T>?


Can we work in groups of size 3?


Questions on Exam

How should we submit?

Electronic version as attached tarball/zip

Our sorting package

Testing sorts

Insertion sort

Selection sort

Generate all Permutations

    for (int i = 0; i < vals.length; i++) {
        // put the ith value in position (vals.length-1)
        // nested loops for positions [1 .. vals.length-2]
    } // for


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