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CSC207.01 2013F, Class 30: An Introduction to Sorting



HW 7

How do we deal with predicates in search/select

From the exam ...

 public interface Predicate<T> {
      public boolean test(T val);

So, for testing ...

 public class IsEven implements Predicate<Integer> {
      public boolean test(Integer val) {
          return (val % 2) == 0;

Can we make doubly- circularly-linked lists? Yes.

Notes on Exam 1

Was Sam overly harsh on HW6?

The problem of sorting

An object-oriented approach

Signature for the sort method?

 * Sort an array in place, using comp to arrange values.
 * @pre
 *   We can safely apply comp to any pair of elements in unsorted.
 *   A.k.a "For all, i, j, 0 <= i, j < unsorted.length,
 *     comp(unsorted[i],unsorted[j]) does not throw an exception.
 * @post
 *   For all reasonable i,[i],unsorted[i+1) <= 0
 *   unsorted is a permutation of the original unsorted
public void sort(T[] unsorted, Comparator<T> comp);

How do we 'package' it up (not put it in a Java package)?

Testing our sorting algorithm

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