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Outline 04: Postscript

Held: Thursday, 13 February 2014

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We explore the basics of the graphics language PostScript.

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General File Format

This is for encapsulated PostScript, which is really nice for figures.

%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 576 792
%%DocumentNeededResources: font Times-Roman



Drawing Commands

Setting the color

*r* *g* *b* setrgbcolor
1 0 0 setrgbcolor % red

*g* setgray
0 setgray % black

Setting the line width for strokes

*w* setlinewidth
1.0 setlinewidth

Moving to a particular position

*x* *y* moveto
100 100 moveto

Specifying lines (not shown until stroked)

*x* *y* lineto
100 120 lineto

*x* *y* rlineto
15 15 rlineto

Stroking everything since the last stroke or fill


Filling figures (if possible


Saving and restoring context


Creating a circle (or arc)

*x* *y* *r* *theta1* *theta2* arc

Creating a bezier curve

*x1* *y1* *xc* *yc* *x2* *y2* curveto

Typical mechanism for setting the font

/Times-Roman findfont
12 scalefont setfont

Showing text

(TEXT) show

Changing the Environment

*a* rotate

*x* *y* scale

*x* *y* translate

More Fun with Programming

Define a variable

/*var* *exp* def
/destx 72 def

Group instructions (which can go on the stack)

{ *instructions * }

Repeat instructions

*n* { *instructions* } repeat

Define a set of instructions

/*name* { *instructions* } def

Rotate the top of the stack

*size* *amt* roll

Copy an element at some offset

*offset* index

Copy the top element


Switch the top two elements of the stack


Negate the top value on the stack


Sample Code

How Sam Draws Rectangles

% left bottom width height rect
%   Draw the specified rectangle.
/rect {     % l b w h
  4 2 roll  % w h l b
  moveto    % w h
  1 index   % w h w
  0         % w h w 0
  rlineto   % w h
  dup       % w h h
  0 exch    % w h 0 h
  rlineto   % w h
  exch      % h w
  neg 0     % h -w 0
  rlineto   % h
  neg       % -h
  0 exch    % 0 -h
  rlineto   % 
  stroke    % 
} def

Right-justifying text

% string showright
/showright {    % str 
  dup           % str str
  stringwidth   % str str-width str-height
  pop           % str str-width
  neg           % str -str-width
  0             % str -str-width 0
  rmoveto       % str 
} def

Why Study PostScript?

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