CSC161 2011S Imperative Problem Solving

Laboratory: Pointers to Functions


Prerequisites: Sorting.


a. Log in to your MathLAN workstation. (Of course, you've probably already done that if you're reading this laboratory.)

b. Create a directory for this lab. I'd suggest Labs/FunctionPointers.

c. Make copies of these files. (Cross your fingers that I did not make a mistake in transcription.)

d. Pull out your K&R.

e. Figure out how to put everything into an executable.

f. Review the code in the various files.


Exercise 1: Reverse Sorting

Do K&R 5.14 on p. 121. That problem reads

Modify the sort program to handle a -r flag, which indicates sorting in reverse (decreasing) order. Be sure that -r works with -n.

Exercise 2: Case-Insensitive Sorting

Do K&R 5.15 on p. 121. That problem reads

Add the option -f to fold upper and lower case together, so that case distinctions are not made during sorting; for example, a and A compare equal.

For Those with Extra Time

Do K&R 5.16 on p. 121. That problem reads

Add the -d (directory order) option, which makes comparisons only on letters, numbers, and blanks. Make sure that it works in conjunction with -f.



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