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Class 14

Held: Tuesday, 14 February 2017

We consider a new type and its use in selecting elements from lists.



  • Boolean values
  • True vs. truish
  • Predicates - procedures that return Boolean values
  • Combining Boolean values with and and or
  • Filtering lists


News / Etc.

  • New partners.
  • Please make sure to return your computer cards to the jar.
  • I’m glad to be back; I’m sorry that I missed classes.
  • 70 exams x 6 problems + admin x 5 min = approx 2400 minutes or 40 hours. I’ll get exams back to you next Monday.

Upcoming Work

Extra credit (Academic/Artistic)

  • CS Table, Tuesday: TBD
  • Google technical résumé talk, Tuesday at 4pm, Science 3821
  • Convocation, Thursday: Wilson Okello on “Living in the Wake of Crisis”

Extra credit (Peer)

Extra Credit (Misc)

None at the moment.

Other Good Things

  • GHS Homecoming - Near GHS on Thursday at 4pmish.