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Class 13

Held: Monday, 13 February 2017

We consider a variety of techniques for gathering lists and tables of data from files.



  • Files and the filesystem
  • Reading tables
  • Reading files of textual data as lines, words, and characters


News / Etc.

  • New partners.
  • Please switch driver and navigator after every problem.
  • Please make sure to return your computer cards to the jar.
  • I miss you. I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
  • Behave for Ms. Dahlby Albright.

Upcoming Work

Extra credit (Academic/Artistic)

  • CS Table, Tuesday: TBD

Extra credit (Peer)

Extra Credit (Misc)

None at the moment.

Friday PSA

  • I continue to learn how awesome you all are.
  • Please take care of yourselves.
  • Families are here this weekend. Please behave extra responsibly.