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CSC151.01 2014F, Class 56: Wrapup




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The subject matter(s) of the course

We're talking about these issues because five of the six questions ask you to think about "the subject matter of the course". I think it's worthwhile to talk to you a bit about how you might describe such a thing.

Review broad topics [10:05-10:10]


Scheme is a language for expressing programs/algorithms.

Software Design

When we think about software design, we think about how to write better programs.

Computer Science

CS is the study of algorithms and data structures.

Image Making

We tried to help you think differently on what goes on "under the surface" of an image.

General Skills / Ideas

And Beyond

My turn [10:30-10:35]

Course evaluation [10:35-10:45]

Final comments [10:45-10:50]