Developing Algorithmic Multimedia Exercises (CSC-397 98S)

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The primary intent of this independent study is to develop appropriate multimedia-based exercises, supporting libraries, and laboratory manuals for our introductory Computer Science courses, including CS103, CS151, CS152, and CS153. As the courses are for beginning students, the exercises and libraries should be well designed and as error-free as we can make them. Along way, we'll consider the purpose(s) of the introductory courses and the role(s) of multimedia and hypermedia in a computer science education and a liberal arts education.

A second intent of this independent study is to learn more about computational multimedia: core data types types, some standard algorithms, and programming practice.

This independent study is being done as a group project, with approximately twelve students. Over the course of the term, students will work on a variety of topics, including (1) learning concepts in multimedia; (2) considering the role of multimedia in education; (3) developing exercises; (4) developing libraries to support those exercises; and (5) testing exercises.

Core Requirements

The members of the project team are required to

Preparation and Prerequisites

Students working on this independent study should have taken CS151 and CS152. Many have taken additional CS courses.


Because we'll be working on a wide variety of projects, we'll be using a wide variety of sources, many of which will be determined as the term progresses. Some basic references include


The core products of this independent study are the exercises, laboratory manuals, and libraries that will be used in our introductory courses. Some students will also write position papers and tutorials on various topics.

Approximate Schedule

Weeks 1-4: Background issues: multimedia, VideoScheme, GIF, etc. Weeks 4-6: Development of exercises. Weeks 6-10: Develpment of libraries. Weeks 10-12: Testing of exercises. Weeks 12-14: Refinement of laboratory manual; completion of position papers.

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