Computer Networks (CSC-364 2000S)

Class 31: Introduction to the Transport Layer; UDP

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Held Monday, April 17, 2000


Today we move on to the next layer, the transport layer, which provides per-process networking capabilities.




Assignment 6

I'm returning assignment 6 today. As I've indicated in the past, I no longer accept assignments after I return them. Those of you who did not turn in assignment 6 need to propose reasonable replacements.

We'll go over the assignment in some detail after class on Wednesday (to give you some chance to read my notes to you on the assignment). However, we will go over some quick issues that occured on a number of assignments:

The Transport Layer



Thursday, 20 January 2000

Monday, 17 April 2000

Wednesday, 19 April 2000

Back to IP, Concluded. On to TCP.

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