Computer Networks (CSC-364 2000S)

Assignment 7: TCP/IP Broadcast Server

Assigned: Wednesday, April 12, 2000

One of the problems associated with our old chat program was that it was limited to two people chatting. (Okay, the restriction wasn't on all of your systems, but it was on most of yours.) In this assignment, you will generalize the chat system by writing a simple broadcast server. Clients connect to the broadcast server and send messages. The broadcast server then echoes the message to all connected clients.

First, write a simple server that accepts up to N connections on port P (both of which are specified on the command line), polls all of its connections, and echoes the input on each connection to all of the connected services.

Next, write a client that accepts input on standard input and sends that input to the server. The client should also read input from the server and echo it to standard output. The client should take the server's host and port as command-line arguments.

Soon, you will have the opportunity to use multiple copies of this server in some network simulations.


Wednesday, 12 April 2000

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