Computer Networks (CSC-364 2000S)

Assignment 5: Simulating The Data Link Layer

Assigned: Friday, March 3, 2000
Due: Wednesday, March 15, 2000

In this assignment, you will work as a class to simulate the error-detection and frame alignment aspects of the data-link layer. For convenience, the portions that deal with the simulated bits sent and received will use character '0' for a zero bit and character '1' for a one bit.

Here are the programs that you will need to write to support the simulator. We'll have them run as separate Unix processes.

In addition, the frameXXX and unframeXXX need to be able to add error-detection codes to the payload. They will rely on two helper functions,

Using these programs together, I can see how well the bit-stuffing algorithm does with 1 bit error out of 100 with somethinn like:

% cat example | bitsToChars | frameBitStuff | addPrefix 50 | \
      addNoise .001 | unframeBitStuff | charsToBits

Please use class on Wednesday, March 8, and Friday, March 10, to coordinate within and between groups. Attendance those days is mandatory.

The group assignments are as follows:

bitsToChars and charsToBits

addPrefix and addNoise

addcodes and checkbits using CRC-16

addcodes and checkbits using two-dimensional parity and a row size of eight

frameBitStuff and unframeBitUnstuff

frameByteStuff and unframeByteUnstuff

frameClockBased and unframeClockBased

Additional Notes:


Friday, 3 March 2000

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