Compilers (CSC-362 98F)

Quiz 3: Grammars

You should not begin this quiz until after we've discussed questions on the readings. You will have approximately five minutes for the quiz.

You need only do one section of the quiz!

This quiz, like other quizzes this semester, is intended primarily to give you incentive to think about the ``thought questions'' that I give at the end of most classes and to encourage you to do the readings. A mostly correct answer to the questions on the quiz will earn you one unit of extra credit.


Section 1: Terminology

What, in your own words, is a derivation?

What, in your own words, is a recursive-descent parser?

What, in your own words, is an ambiguous grammar?

What, in your own words, is a context-free grammar?

Section 2: Grammar

Enter a grammar for the language ``strings of a's and b's with equal numbers of a's and b's''.

In a few sentences, suggest how one might prove this correct. You need not give a full proof, just describe the issues one must consider in writing such a proof.

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