Compilers (CSC-362 98F)

Quiz 1: Lexical Analysis

This quiz, like the other quizzes this semester, is intended primarily to give you incentive to read and think about the assigned or implied readings. If you answer 3/4 of the problems correctly, you will receive one unit of extra credit (it is yet to be determined how units of extra credit will relate to total points in the course, although each unit will be worth at least 1/4 of a point).


What, in your own words, would a typical computer scientist say that a language is?

Here is a definition of an identifier in Pascal or a similar language.

An identifier is any nonempty sequence of letters, digits, and underscores beginning with a letter.

What is wrong with this definition?

Consider the sequence of bytes if2<3then. What tokens are represented by this sequence?

In our discussion of compilation, I identified lexical analysis as the first step in compilation. However, Appel implies that their is a prior step. What is that step?

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