Compilers (CSC-362 98F)

Evaluation Form: Debates

As in most of my classes, I will be trying a variety of experimental learning experiences (ELEs) this semester. After most of them, I will ask for your formal and informal comments on the ELE. In general, I will try to provide some mechanism for anonymous comments.

The first of those ELEs were the debate sessions we held last week. While we had a short discussion of those debates at the end of the week, I'd also like to get more feedback.

Name (feel free to leave this blank):

What was the best aspect of participating in a debate?

What was the best aspect of observing debates?

What was the worst aspect of participating in a debate?

What was the worst aspect of observing debates?

Did the debates help you think about the issues in more depth or more carefully? Did they allow you to consider issues you might not have considered? Why or why not?

Given that the department requires public presentation in CS362, would you prefer to participate in another debate or do something else? If you'd prefer to do something else, what would that be?

If we do debates again at the end of this term, how can we improve them?

If I again use debates in another course, how can I make the initial debates better?

Any other comments?

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