Compilers (CSC-362 98F)


Each group must give a twenty minute public presentation on a compiler-related topic of their choice. Topics will generally be selected from the latter half of the Tiger book. I'd suggest optimization, compiling object-oriented programs, compiling pure functional programs, or memory management.

In addition to the presentation, the group must prepare a helpful handout on the topic for the rest of the class. This handout may be printed or available on the web.

Each member of the group must contribute to the presentation in some clear way, although contributions do not require public presentations. For example, one member might create handouts and another might create the overheads used for the presentation.

Presentations can be given on any of the following days: Monday, November 30; Wednesday, December 2, Friday, December 4, Monday, December 7; Wednesday, December 9.

You must choose a topic and presentation date by Wednesday, November 25.

I expect your presentations to be polished and practiced. I will cut you off at exactly twenty minutes, leaving five additional minutes for questions from the class.

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