Compilers (CSC-362 98F)

Assignment 6: Parsing

Problem 1: Ambiguous Grammars

As you may recall, the following grammar for ``simplified if'' is ambiguous. (All lowercase words are terminals, which is one of the reasons its simplified.)

S ::= C
   |  s
C ::= if e then S else S
   |  if e then S

Appel presents an unambiguous version of this grammar on p. 69 of the red book and p. 68 of the green book.

Verify that his grammar is unambiguous.

Prove that the two grammars are equivalent.

Problem 2: Sample Grammars

Do problem 3.3 parts a-d from Appel.

Problem 3: LL Grammars

Redo problem 2, ensuring that the grammars are suitable for LL(1) parsing. You will need to eliminate left recursion and possibly left factor the grammars. Note that we will not cover either of these techniques in depth in class.

Problem 4: Tables galore

Build the First, Follow, and Nullable tables for any four grammars in problems 2 and 3. You should do at least one grammar from each problem.

Problem 5: Finite automata

Do problems 3.9, 3.11, and 3.12 from Appel.

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