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Compilers (CSC-362 98F)

Assignment 2: Straight-Line Program Interpreter

Implement the Straight-line program interpreter described by Appel at the end of chapter one. You should follow his guidelines, including use of single-assignment form and inclusion of a table.

Write at least three programs that can be used to test your interpreter.

In order to complete this assignment by the designated time, it is likely that you will need to assign clear tasks to each group member. For example, one might be in charge of the table. At times, you will need to make large scale design decisions. For example, you may want to put one person in charge of writing maxargs, or you may want to put different people in charge of the different straight line program components, and have each responsible for making maxargs work on his or her component.

Write a one page essay (approximate) summarizing what you learned in this assignment.

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