Programming Languages (CSC-302 99S)

Class 01: Introduction

On to A Brief History of Programming Languages.

Held Monday, January 25




What is a programming language?

Why study programming languages?

How should we study programming languages

Course Organization

See the handouts in the course web.

Key Components of Programming Languages

Syntax and Semantics

A Casual Survey of Language Models

Sorting, in the various paradigms

This is a rough attempt to flesh out some of the differences between the paradigms by looking at how one might write a sorting algorithm in the different paradigms. Sorting is a fairly imperative process, so all will look somewhat imperative.



S is a sorted version of L if
  S is a permutation of L AND
  the elements of S are in order


An object-oriented sorting algorithm would presumably ask objects to compare themselves to each other, rather than using an explicit comparison.


A functional sorting algorithm would probably take a compares function as an argument.




On to A Brief History of Programming Languages.

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