Programming Languages (CSC-302 99S)

Samuel A. Rebelsky

prefix intro-
name Samuel A. Rebelsky
major Undergraduate: Mathematics; Graduate: Computer Science (Programming Languages)
home Born in Newton, MA. College and graduate school in Chicago. First few years of professional career in NH. Currently an Iowan.
courses I'm teaching two courses this term: CS152 (11:00-11:50 MTWF) and CS302 (1:15-2:05 MWF). I'm also supervising the trailblazers research team.
experience Too many to mention. Check my home page for a list of courses that I've taught.
languages Too many to mention. Hopefully, this semester I'll learn at least one more :-).
motivation I'm teaching CS302 because I enjoy the course material and because it seemed best for the department if I did.
expectations Perhaps a new programming language (I'll try to pick one that I don't know to enrich our view of some paradigm).
concerns That I won't have sufficient time to do everything that I'd like to do.
likes Small, informal atmosphere.
dislike Distance from used record stores or places with cheapo bins.
bestcourse CS152 is the best course I've taught. I haven't taken any courses here yet.
topfive Top five old-time computer games: 1. Tempest 2. Robotron 3. Galaxian 4. Centipede 5. Defender
self I'm married. My wife, Michelle, is a family physician and even busier than I am. We have two children, William (3 years) and Jonathan (about five months at this point).
other-questions If I could think of any, they'd be on the form.
for-sam I already know too much about myself.

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