Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 99S)

Class 56: Wrapup

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Held Friday, May 14





End-of-course Evaluations

As you probably know by now, based on recommendations from the executive council, the faculty have voted to try an experiment involving quantitative end-of-course evaluations. The experiment is to determine whether such evaluations can give an accurate numeric representation of the quality of faculty teaching.

In order for the experiment to be valid, you need to take these forms seriously, and not just fill in the blobs, but also include some text explaining your answers.

This semester, the evaluations will only be used to evaluate the evaluation system and not to evaluate faculty. In particular, the forms will only be seen by members of the institutional research staff and by the faculty you are evaluating.

If you have questions about the whole process, feel free to ask me inside or outside of class.

I'll give you about fifteen minutes to fill out the end-of-course evaluations. If you need more time, please let me know.

Selected Subfields


We've covered many topics in these fourteen weeks. Here are some of them.




Algorithmic Topics

Sorting Algorithms

Advanced Data Structures

Machine Representation


Final Statements


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