Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 99S)

Samuel A. Rebelsky

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name Samuel A. Rebelsky
major Undergraduate: Mathematics; Graduate: Computer Science
home I was born in Newton, MA, a suburb of Boston. Since then, I've lived in Chicago (11 years), New Hampshire, Maine, and Iowa.
courses I am teaching CS152 (11-12 MTWF) and CS302 (1:15-2:05 MWF). I am also likely to be sitting in on the other section of CS152 (2:15-3:05 MTWF).
experience Too many to enumerate.
languages Too many to enumerate. My preferred language varies from month to month. These days, I'm doing a lot of programming in Java and Perl.
motivation I teach CS152 because (1) I enjoy teaching; (2) I consider data structures and algorithms core aspects of computer science; (3) I value the chance to meet prospective CS majors early in their carrers; and (4) I'm writing a textbook on the subject.
expectations New perspectives (every group of students provides some new perspectives).
concerns That I'll be overwhelmed by the time constraints.
likes The small, relatively informal, atmosphere.
dislike The isolation. When I have free time (not too often), I like to rummage through used book stores and the cheapo bins at record stores. While we have a used book store, I miss the cheapo bins. (And no, the Internet is not the same.)
bestcourse I've enjoyed teaching CS152 more than any other course.
topfive Top five time-sinks: 1. Spending time with my children, William (3) and Jonathan (0) 2. Preparing my classes 3. Working on my textbook 4. Cataloging my record collection 5. My old house
self I'm 34, which some of you seem to think is relatively young and others of you think is relatively old. My wife, Michelle, and I have been married for eleven years. We have two children, William and Jonathan. I love teaching (and also very much enjoy doing research on hypermedia systems) and have found Grinnell a great place to be. My long-term goal is to be at Grinnell. Most of you have seen (or will see) my office. As you can tell, I am far from organized.
other-questions If I could think of other questions, I would put them on the form.
for-sam Nothing.

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