Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 99F)

Project Proposals, Stage Two

This is my summary of what the various Teams gave me on Monday, October 11, 1999.

The Basics

I don't know how to make this clearer: You will not get the project done if you don't keep up on the parts of the project! Your goal for today was reasonable:



Team Aardvark

Nothing turned in. Goal was start of implementation of GUIs.

Team Bison

Grade: Good


I'm a little bit confused. It appears that this one class serves the purpose of the network, the mailbox, and the maildrop. I'd prefer to see separate classes (and, preferably, separate interfaces).

I'd also like to see something about constructors.

Given that you've tied everything together, you need to more carefully document what needs to be done in what order. For example, what happens if I try to list folders without connecting to the server or logging in?

It doesn't compile. (I know, that wasn't required, but it woulod have been nice.)

You haven't created the accompanying exception classes. You also haven't told me much about when exceptions might be thrown.

Some minor notes:

Team Camel


Grade: Fair

Short Notes:






Team Chipmunk


Grade: Very good

Short Notes: Most of what I expected in the design. I would have preferred a separate interface, rather than just a class. Otherwise, provides sufficiently many details.

I do wonder how setPhoto relates to the other stuff. One possibility is to add a separate PhotoDatabase interface (and, eventually, a class). That could then include the setPhoto method.

Team Emu


Grade: Poor

Summary: This group seems to have missed the point. While they created a number of classes, none of the classes is sufficiently well documented for it to be useful.

Discussion: As I mentioned in the notes on the first round, it's difficult, if not impossible, to predict all the options that the various classes would need. Hence, I suggested having generic methods that get and set particular kinds of options (boolean, string, general object). The group seems to have ignored that advice without giving an explanation as to why.

The classes they've created are not very useful in their current form.

Their code did not compile. (I've updated it so that it does.)

Although it became clear from discussion that their class would need to store information on ``preferred filters'', they have made no attempt to do so.

Some more specific comments:

Team Flamingo

Nothing turned in.

The Team Who Would Be King

Nothing turned in. However, since they were building the textual user interface, they were not required to turn anything in. The were, however, supposed to be prepared for discussion. We'll see how that goes.


11 October 1999

13 October 1999

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