Fundamentals of Computer Science II (CSC-152 99F)

Class 23: Project Discussion

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Held Monday, October 4, 1999


Today, we will continue to consider our project by reflecting on the initial designs of each group. Most of our work will have to do with narratives about what happens when users try to do certain things.





General Questions

We'll start with a few general questions that came up while I was reading your proposals. You can find the questions at the top of my notes on the first set of proposals.


We'll then continue with some narratives of what happens behind the scenes. This will be a dialog between groups. For example, an interface may say ``I need to look up from this object'' and that group will say how one does that. I will do my best to record the steps so that we'll have them available for future consideration. Expect to see those in this outline later today.

The Narrative

Oh, boy, I'd like to use the brand new, text-based,
email package that CS152 created.

I type
% gmail
I see
* A query for the user name
I enter rebelsky
I see 
* A prompt for the password
I enter hahahahhah
I wait

Behind the scences ....
Create input and output objects
Call constructor for Login(username,password)
  Create a Socket object for pioneerserver, port ???
  If failed to create a Socket, throw ConnectionException
  so.send(IMAP Login command)
  so.receive() to get the response
  If the reponse is "A OK", we're done
  Otherwise throw LoginException
If we catch an exception
  output.println("Login failed")
  Give more information
  If the exception was a ConnectionException,
    query again
Otherwise (we successfully connected)
  Create a new MailBox object, fred, 
    with the Login as a parameter
  // Desire ... display the inbox
  MessageInfo[] messages = fred.getMessages();
  Options currentOptions = new Options(userName);
  Ruleset sortBy = currentOptions.defaultOrganization();
  SortFilter sorter = new SortFilter(sortBy);
  messages = sorter.sort(messages);
  for (int i = 0; i < messages.length)
	out.println(i + ": " + messages[i].toString());


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